The role of the brain in remote viewing and life, according

For quite some time I’ve heard people talk about the brain doing this or the brain doing that. As if the brain is responsible for much of what humans do.

I hear little talk of the mind.

There have been studies done looking at what makes people tick. Different psychics have had tests (EEG, fMRI, etc.) to see what is going on inside their head during feats of psi. While it looks impressive on paper, I’m saddened that scores of people still think that the brain does those things of its own merit. Because one psi-able person has a parieto-temporal junction that’s 10X as active as a normal, researchers (neuroscientists) and their flocks are vulnerable to attribute that anomaly as being significant in the autonomous function of that particular psi capability, unique to the individual.

But what happens when a peer has a highly active prefrontal cortex on their test?

And another has near complete radio silence?

Having spent 4 years as a research assistant in a university physiology lab, I’ve seen up front how the quest for significance drives careers. Attainment of significance yields publishable material far more than it yields breakthroughs or discoveries, much less meaningful contributions to humankind’s knowledge base or understanding. The latter is secondary to attainment of tenure for many in their meat of their careers.

That is the trap of materio-reductionism in neuroscience. The brain, in and of itself, acts more like a processing unit; an elegant circuit board of a most sophisticated and spectacular nature. It is certainly worth humankind’s time, attention, and effort to study. But if remote viewing proves anything, it is that non-local awareness (or nearly all psi for that matter) is a function of something other than the brain.

No remote viewer has ever taken their brain, sent it to the coordinates given where it took notes and selfies, then returned it to their cranium for a download and debriefing.

It just doesn’t work like that.

Instead, an aspect of the viewer’s consciousness is directed to the coordinates where it permeates the focus of intention, perceives what it can and simultaneously is brought into the conscious analytical realm where it can be rendered in 3rd dimensional terms and conditions. The brain is that organ which allows the decoding and processing of the perceptions obtained; no more, no less. It does not remember, do math, or think: we do. It merely processes those actions.

I’ve dissected the human body and brain a few times throughout college, grad school, and in post-graduate studies. Never once did I dissect a brain and find pictures of the family cat or the kid’s birthday parties tucked in some sulcus of the cortex.

Certainly, different viewers have more or less ability than others, and perhaps one’s brain allows for more efficient processing at times, and under differing conditions versus another’s. And I do believe that brain health is important, as much as any other organ if we want it to carry out its function properly.

But I believe that there needs to be a movement away from the ideology that the brain does the thinking, the remembering, the calculating, is what makes one psychic, or that it is responsible for any psi phenomena.

The sooner we can embrace that notion, the sooner we move into the next phase of human evolution: homo spiritus.