Michael Rinaldi is viewer 711.

Michael Rinaldi is viewer 711.

About Viewer711

In 2009 my eyes happened to lock onto (former Army remote viewer) Lyn Buchanan’s book “The Seventh Sense” in a bookstore, and despite it being sandwiched on the bottom shelf in the New Age section in the back of the store, I kept coming back to it upon subsequent visits to the store. After buying and reading it (twice), I was drawn to know more. My training started soon after.

Today, I’ve been give permission to teach what Lyn has approved and I’d like to see CRV continue. As consciousness continues to evolve on the planet, I know there are those who will do wonderous things with this application. If you too are drawn to it, come and join the ride.

I take pride in being conscientious about teaching and training, and in delivering a good product and service. CRV is indeed life-changing.

Train with intent, and you’re life will never be the same.

—Michael Rinaldi, Viewer711