Expansion of Abilities with Practicing CRV.

Early in my CRV training and development, I had an occurrence that resulted in my realization that there was more than just my power of perception that was expanding as a result of practicing CRV. I had occurrences that, quite frankly, are too astonishing to write about. Occurrences that stoke one’s incredulity.

While this is seldom discussed on course, it is nonetheless something that I encountered with enough frequency that it became a seemingly semi-permanent change in my abilities. ‘Semi’-permanent, I say, because one’s abilities are in force only as long as one uses them or fosters their development.

One day, after being into practice mode of CRV for months, I had a thought of a guy I went to grad school with back in the late 80s/early 90s. We weren’t pals; just happened to be in the same classes together. We didn’t hang out, nor study, nor party together. Ever. Never had lunch. Never talked on the phone, or even work on a project together. Rarely made small talk. I recall thinking of him out of the blue and wondering how he was and that it would kinda be nice to know how he was. The thought took less that a second, and occurred while I was in the middle of the daily mundane minutiae.

The following day, as I was alone wrapping up the work day and straightening up the office, my office phone rang.

I answered, “Hello?”

A voice said, “Michael? Michael Rinaldi?” I said, “This is he.”

It was him.

“This is Jonathan, from OU. I woke up this morning and something in my head said, ‘I have to call Mike Rinaldi and I don’t know why, but I have to call him’. So, I here I am. How are you?”

I hadn’t seen, nor talked to him in nearly 17 years, and less than one day after I had a fleeting thought of him and how he was doing, THIS happens?

I thought to myself, ‘well, a cool bead of sweat just ran down the crack of my ass!’

I had to really contemplate what just happened, and I sat on this occurrence (and many others like this -as bizarre or more so) for quite some time before discussing it openly.

As I teach CRV now, I can talk about it and why practicing CRV can (and does) lead not only to shifts in consciousness, but expansion of abilities and phenomena across the panorama of psi. While these phenomena are not the reason for CRV, nor the reason to learn CRV, they are indeed an interesting by-product of practicing the subtle art and science.

Walking around in one’s daily life on-line (i.e. entangled with the ‘signal line’) makes for a nice way to live.

More stories like this and beyond, on course.