Re-take/Audit of Basic Course

Thinking man viewing his self.jpg
Thinking man viewing his self.jpg

Re-take/Audit of Basic Course

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This is an AUDIT/RETAKE registration for prior students who’ve taken Basic Course before and want to re-take the course at a discounted price.


The foundational course in which students learn the initial process for connecting their subconscious with the focus of intent (i.e. the “target”, in CRV terminology) and correctly describe their perceptions.

Some of what is covered:

  • Controlled Remote Viewing: why is it called this, and how is it different from other forms of RV work.

  • Gestalts. What they are and how they relate to controlled remote viewing.

  • Introduction to ideograms: a physical language tool which allows the body to signal what the subconscious perceives at their focus of intent.

  • How to record sensory perceptions and describe them for accurate reporting.

  • How to structure the session properly to yield desirable results.

  • Terminology within the practice of CRV.

  • Exercises to develop your skills in CRV, improve your awareness of subtle changes in perception, and gain confidence in your abilities.